Refill your wellbeing with reflexology.

By applying varying degrees of pressure with specific manipulations, reflexology stimulates the energy pathways in the body to provide physical and emotional benefits. Based on the principle that there are reflex zones in the feet corresponding to parts of the body, the treatment works holistically to treat the mind, body, soul and spirit to induce a state of balance and harmony which will stimulate the body’s own potential to heal physically and emotionally.


Each treatment begins with a consultation and a relaxing foot bath as you recline in the reflexology chair and ends with feedback about how you felt during the treatment and ways to progress. Everyone is unique and therefore will feel different benefits from the treatment however generally it is found people feel relaxed, may sleep better, have improved mood, clarity of mind  and a general feeling of wellbeing. Other benefits may include: boost to the immune system, increase in circulation, pain relief, energy balance, stimulation of the nervous system

and detoxification.



Reflexology works to create balance within the whole body but can also be used to hone in on particular areas and create a balance that matches your needs.

Reproductive reflexology can be used to help with the following: 

  • Irregular periods and balancing cycles

  • Many gynaecological issues such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids 

  • Side effects of the menopause 

  • Preparing the body and helping it recover from gynaecological procedures 

  • Fertility issues and help resolve any problems


Regular reflexology treatments throughout your pregnancy are a great way to support you and your general wellbeing. The treatment is revised specifically for your journey and aims to optimise your physical and emotional health, giving you time away from your busy life and providing a comforting place where you can focus purely on yourself and your growing baby. 


Trimester 1

During your first trimester, the main aim of the treatment is aiding relaxation, lessening stress and supporting you through the first steps of your journey. 


Trimester 2 & 3

Throughout the second and third trimesters, the treatment is used to address any physical symptoms you may be experiencing, keeping stress levels low, aiding relaxation and offering comfort. 


Labour preparation

Reflexology can help support your body in preparation for labour, reduce anxiety levels and keep you relaxed and comforted before the big day. 

Newborn Baby Foot
Reflexology Therapy


Reflexology for supporting menopausal women aims to optimise physical and emotional wellbeing.

Reflexology for menopause can help: 

  • Improve mood

  • Ease symptoms

  • Aid sleep

  • Release tension

  • Improve wellbeing


60 mins   |   £33.00

Working on reflex zones in the feet to stimulate energy flow within the whole body,

 balancing body and mind.

Reflexology for Menopause

60 mins   |   £33.00

Offering support for menopausal women. Aims to optimise physical and emotional wellbeing and may ease symptoms.

Reproductive Reflexology

45 mins   |   £33.00

May be used to enhance

natural fertility, help rebalance cycles and relieve many

 gynaecological problems. 

Maternity Reflexology

45 mins   |   £33.00

Helping you through your journey from first trimester, preparation for labour and onto post-natal.

Massage Salts


Whether you’re looking to relax or ease muscular tension, massage offers a multitude of benefits, both physiologically and psychologically. Whatever treatment you choose, you won’t help but relax as you lie on the massage bed and let the stresses and worries of everyday life ebb away.


Each style of massage has its own set of benefits however all can help to relax muscles, relieving muscular pain and fatigue and stimulating nerve endings. The stimulating effects help to increase blood circulation which in turn brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the body. 


The feeling of well-being gained from a massage can increase confidence, clarity of thought and self esteem and also promote a good nights sleep. 

Indian Head Massage

45 mins   |   £27.00

May ease neck and

shoulder tension, headaches,

insomnia and stress. Deeply calming and energising.

Relaxing Massage

60 mins   |   £33.00

Relaxing massage using techniques to help relax and soothe tired, sore muscles and improve circulation.

Back & Neck Massage

30 mins   |   £23.00

Working the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders to help relieve tension.

Thai Herbal Stamp

40 mins   |   £33.00

Using heated herbal compresses to relax muscles and induce a calming state of mind.

Swedish Massage

60 mins   |   £33.00

A deeper massage to help alleviate muscular tension, working on the soft tissue

of the body.