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Holistic Therapies

These holistic treatments aim to help balance the body whilst calming and soothing the mind and spirit. Leave feeling refreshed and revitalised. 


60 mins   |   £38.00

Working on reflex zones in the feet to stimulate energy flow within the whole body,

 balancing body and mind.

Maternity Reflexology

45 mins   |   £38.00

Helping you through your journey from first trimester, preparation for labour and onto post-natal.

Back & Neck Massage

30 mins   |   £28.00

Working the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders to help relieve tension.

Woman's Health Reflexology

60 mins   |   £38.00

Offering support for menopausal women. Aims to optimise physical and emotional wellbeing and may ease symptoms.

Essential Oils Add-On

Reflexology only   |   £5.00

These specially blended oils from Neal's Yard Organic are a wonderful addition to your reflexology treatment.

Relaxing Massage

60 mins   |   £38.00

Relaxing massage using techniques to help relax and soothe tired, sore muscles and improve circulation.

Reproductive Reflexology

45 mins   |   £38.00

May be used to enhance

natural fertility, help rebalance cycles and relieve many

 gynaecological problems. 

Indian Head Massage

45 mins   |   £32.00

May ease neck and

shoulder tension, headaches,

insomnia and stress. Deeply calming and energising.

Thai Herbal Stamp

40 mins   |   £40.00

Using heated herbal compresses to relax muscles and induce a calming state of mind.


Choose from a wide range of nail polish colours and finishes from Jessica Phēnom.

Express Pedicure

30 mins

File and polish with

varnish of your choice.

Jessica   |   £15.00

Standard Pedicure

60 mins

Includes foot cleanse, exfoliation mask and massage, finished with a varnish of your choice.

Jessica   |   £26.00

Deluxe Pedicure

1 hr 15 mins

Standard treatment plus therapeutic heated boots to boost hydration and circulation.

Jessica   |   £30.00


All facial treatments are tailored to suit your skin type and personal needs. Each treatment includes steam, double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask and SPF protection.

ProSkin 60

60 mins   |   £40.00

This bespoke Dermalogica skin treatment has a unique modular approach making it time-tailored to suit your skin on every visit.

Active Resurface

60 mins   |   £40.00

An effective deep cleansing & exfoliating advanced resurfacing service that can produce visible results after one treatment.


Holistic Therapies
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